If you rent an apartment in Denmark and if you meet certain requirements, you can apply for a financial housing support. When you rent a year-round apartment with own kitchen, you can apply for a rent subsidy called boligstøtte.

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 You are entitled to apply for a rent subsidy if:

  1. you rent a private apartment;
  2. you rent a cooperative aparatment;
  3. you rent the apartment from another person renting it from its owner (subrenting) - boligstøtte ved fremleje;
  4. you have signed an agreement with your parents to rent an apartment they bought for you - boligstøtte ved forældrekøb;
  5. you are the owner of an apartment or you own an apartment on the andelsbolig basis and you are a pensioner;
  6. a group of persons rents an apartment jointly, then only one of them is entitled to apply for the financial support.

What you should do?
To find out if you are elegible for the subsidy and in what amount, go to borger.dk website, to the Bolig og flytning/Boligstøtte/Se om du kan få boligstøtte category (that is: check if you can get rent subsidy) or Søg boligstøtte (that is: submit application) and log in using the Nem-ID.


When logged in, you will be redirected to the website on which you will read if you are entitled to the subsidy and if you are, you will learn the amount of the support, or to the website on which you will be able to fill out the application form. When the application is submitted correctly, you will receive a confirmation.


  • rental agreement;
  • annual tax settlement; paychecks showing your wages or your pension, or other documents to confirm your income, the confirmation of the SU (students' grant) acknowledgement;
  • Nem-ID.

What conditions must be met to qualify for the rent subsidy?
Whether the application will be accepted depends on the rent amount, water, heating and electricity bills, the size of the aparatment in relation to the number of dwellers, the income calculated per person in the family, if you are a pensioner etc. It is, thus, settled individually taking into account the family situation and financial standing of the applicant.
The subsidies are paid by the Udbetaling Danmark on the first day of the month. The first payment is made on the first day of the month following the month in which the Udbetaling Danmark received and accepted the application (if the application was submitted on August 15th, the payment will take place on September 1st).
In the case of the denial, you can appeal against the Udbetaling Danmark' decision within four weeks from the date of the decision.
The amount received as rent subsidy is not subject to taxation.

How to estimate your subsidy amount?
To check the amount of the subsidy go to the Hvor meget kan jeg få i boligstøtte/Beregn din boligstøtte, log in with the Nem-ID and use the calculator.



Remember to update your data in the event of any change!
If you receive the subsidy and your situation changes one day, it may turn out that you are paid too much. You will be requested to return a part or all of the subsidy.
Update your data immediately if:

  1. your housing situation changes (change of the rent, changes to the rental contract, changes in the number of dwellers, subrenting, leaving Denmark etc.);
  2. your family situation changes (the number of family members etc.);
  3. your financial situation changes (income, additional income etc.).

All changes can be made through your account at borger.dk. Udbetaling Danmark is able to control the situation of the person receiving subsidy.
When you move out to another apartment, you must resign from the subsidy granted for this property and apply for a new finacial support for the new apartment.

Source: www.borger.dk

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