Renting services in Denmark can be rendered by specialized agencies as well as private persons. When it comes to the latter, those looking for the acommodation to hire should be particularly vigilant. Many fraudsters act according to similar schemes, taking advantage of the lack of knowledge and experience of those looking for an apartment to hire, especially newcomers to Denmark.


Here are some examples of situations which should be the cause for alarm:

  1. The offer is too atractive – the rent, charges and deposit are too low when compared with other online offers, especially in very attractive locations. All these should be the warning signs.
  2. The person offering the property to let insists that you should decide on the offer at once and pay the deposit in cash even before signing the rental agreement claiming to have many other potential clients – another warning sign.
  3. The person offering the property to let states that before signing the agreement and making the deposit will send the keys later on by mail without indicating the date of handing the keys.
  4. In the case of apartments to let on the Airbnb basis (short-term rental for tourists) – the fraudsters offer the apartments they rent themselves from the owners on the Airbnb basis, make appointment with the potential client in the apartment offering the contract, deposit and keys (usually not matching the door), assuring the clients that they can move in within a few days.
  5. The person offering the property to let is reluctant to show his or her ID and documents that certify the ownership right to the property, making excuses (e.g sudden travel abroad) to explain the rush, lack of documentation and information; Such person is also usually unavailable when trying to contact him or her on the phone.
  6. When it comes to fraudulent companies, they are usually located abroad and it may be difficult to contact them, or to verify their registration data.

What to do to avoid being deceived?
Prior to signing the agreement and paying the deposit:
1. verify the ID of the person from whom you intend to rent the property by checking the passport, yellow card (address), or any other ID;
2. check who the legal owner of the property is – this information is available on - Tinglysning/Forespørg/Tingbogen/Adresse (enter the address of the property at issue), or on;
3. enter the data of the property into the Internet browser – perhaps you will find some useful information or opinions and warnings on the person offering the apartment from a would-be tenant who was cheated;
4. check with the administration of the building the statute of the cooperative - vedtægter to learn if the apartments in this cooperative can be rented at all (it should be noted that in some cooperatives, rental can be forbidden even with regard to the owner-occupied apartments). This is the case also with regard to the andelsbolig apartments.
5. If you want to rent a room, check:

- the main contract regarding the whole apartment, signed by the person offering the rental and the owner of the property; check if the contract allows the rental of a room in this apartment;
- verify the ID of the person offering the rental (yellow card, passport);
- who the owner of the property is (, and contact the person to learn if the owner has a rental agreement with that person;

6. check with the administration of the building the statute of the cooperative - vedtægter to learn if the apartments in this cooperative can be rented.
7. Rental agencies can be checked in the company register on
8. Do not transfer any money without signing the rental agreement, gathering all the necessary information and seeing the apartment, especially to a foreign bank account, or to a person whom you never met.

Sometimes, despite all precautionary measures, we may fall victim of a fraud. If this happens, you must report it to the police in the first place. You may also publicize the case through the media and social networks – perhaps this will help to find the fraudster and warn other potential tenants against the practices of such persons.

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