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The technical review of a house carried out by the specialists is based on the provisions on the inspection, contained in the consumer protection laws. Drawing up the reports under these provisions is good for both the seller and the buyer.

The types of technical reports:

  1. Tilstandsrapport – is a report drawn up by an authorized construction specialist, an engineer or an architect. This report informs us about the condition of the construction of the building in general, as well as all particular parts and rooms in the building, damage, cracks, deformations, leakage, construction defects, and identifies errors if such occur.
  2. Elinstallationsrapport – is a report drawn up by an authorized specialist – an electrician, who takes care of the electrical installation servicing in the building, checks the electrical sockets, hanging lamp connections etc.

It is important to note, that the defects identified and presented in the reports shall not give rise to a complaint because they are revealed at the moment of the purchase. They are also usually included in the price of the property.

Why is it worth having the reports made?
The reports portray a general picture of the condition of the building and stand as a prerequisite for an insurance against hidden defects – ejerskifteforsikring.
Their presence is not obligatory, but if the seller of the estate wants to discharge him- or herself from the liability for the defects, he or she should have the reports prepared and offer the buyer an insurance against hidden defects – ejerskifteforsikring. The costs of the reports are covered by the seller of the property. The validity period for the tilstandsrapport is six months, and the elinstallationsrapport is valid for a year.

The buyer, on the other hand, should demand the reports and the insurance offer from the seller to avoid the troubles resulting from the use of the building. Before making the decision on the purchase, it is always worth viewing the property with a trusted person who possesses the knowledge and experience in the construction field.

The correct reading of technical reports, especially when it comes to old buildings, requires experience and expertise within the construction law area. Only appropriate analysis of technical documentation will give answers to the questions as to which defects may be crucial in the future for the use of the house.

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