Buying a house from a private seller makes it harder for the buyer to get full knowledge of the condition of the estate, its flaws and defects than it is for the first owner.

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Buying your dream home or apartment is a big decision. In most cases, the purchase of real estate requires taking a bank loan. Once you have chosen the property, you will face a number of formalities and most probably, you will ask yourself a question of "what am I supposed to do" or "where to start".

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When planning to buy an apartment, it is crucial to consider various aspects of having one: from financial through technical, to finally the practical ones.


When visiting a house to buy, it is crucial to consider various aspects of having a house: from financial through technical, to finally the practical ones.


Citizens of other countries who want to buy a property in Denmark can do so under certain conditions. There is no need to stay in Denmark for a specified period of time.


The way to your own home, in principle, always leads through a bank. The  first question to ask yourself, when dreaming of your four corners is how to finance the purchase. The way the mortgage market is organized influences our capacity to realize our plans. How it looks in Denmark?



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