Citizens of other countries who want to buy a property in Denmark can do so under certain conditions. There is no need to stay in Denmark for a specified period of time.


Buying a property in Denmark can take place under the following conditions:
1. The buyer is a citizen of the European Union or the EEA and
2. is employed in Denmark or self-employed
3. has a residence permit - so-called opholdsdokument / opholdsbevis, obtained from the office Statsforvaltningen;
Purchase of real estate in any case must be made for permanent residence - it is not allowed to purchase the property for recreational purposes or for resale.

A citizen of an EU member state may obtain opholdsdokument / opholdsbevis if:
1. is an employee in Denmark;
2. is self-employed, which makes autonomous and independent economic activity;
3. is a student - a person uses in Denmark private or public education system and is qualified to receive a student scholarship. Such persons must show sufficient means to support yourself to not be a burden on the Danish social system;
4. if it does not meet the earlier conditions has sufficient funds to maintain themselves in Denmark not to become a burden on the Danish social system, according to the Danish Act on an active social policy. Each case is considered individually but usually the amount corresponding kontanthjælp in Denmark.

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